Fanview Co.

Apart from filling up empty stadiums with fan chants, cuts outs, etc. sports authorities are trying to simulate real fans and their behaviour during game time. Fanview, a company that specializes in game avatars, is trying to simulate a whole stadium full of fans. First, they are creating a virtual fan’s head, stitching it onto a body and then rendering a whole bunch of them to fill up a stadium. However what remains challenging is to render the body in motion, responding adequately to the game in action. While Fanview succeeds in relatively static simulations where fans follow a ball, there’s much to be done about the impulsive reactions to misses and goals. While simulating a whole panoply of reactions remains a work in progress, it has necessitated a new kind of engagement between sports authorities and fans. Traditionally sports companies have mobilized fan labour and affect to drive up their profits; now they seek to map, capture and mobilize fan gestures and habits to propfill up with their digital avatars own company’s images. Even if not by narrativizing their lives otherwise, fans are having their habits and movements captured by a different media machinery through the pandemic.